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10 Amazing Photos Of London Taken By Study Abroad Students

Posted by The ATP Advisors on Sep 30, 2015 2:00:00 PM

10 Amazing Photos Of London Taken By Study Abroad Students

Sep 30, 2015 2:00:00 PM

If you’re wondering how amazing studying in London really could be, there is nothing better than seeing the experience through the eyes of someone who has been there before you.

These 10 AMAZING photos of London are all taken by study abroad students. Just look how fantastic your time in London could be, picture yourself in the photos…

It doesn’t matter what time of day you’re in London, it will always look beautiful (even in the rain). As the caption says, ‘London is way cool’.


A photo posted by Elena Dixon (@elenadixon) on

When studying abroad in London, you will still have downtime. What better way to spend it than with friends making great memories?


Call me maybe #londoncalling #studyabroaduk #red #lv2day

A photo posted by Elyse The Explorer (@lv2day) on

London calling… You have to take the time to take the typical tourist photos too, a red London phone box is definitely a MUST for your photo checklist.


What a fantastic picture. A London red bus is another one to add to that checklist.


Sunset on the London eye

A photo posted by { @$h£€¥ } (@ashley_seruya) on

Sunset view on the London Eye, there is nowhere better to get that incredible view of the London skyline. How great would it be to see that for yourself?



Can this reverse culture shock please go away now?! #missingLondon #studyabroaduk #thosewerethebestdaysofmylife

A photo posted by Elyse The Explorer (@lv2day) on

#thosewerethebestdaysofmylife. Whilst London is known for its hustle and bustle, it can also be a calming place, a place to reflect, a place to think, a place to be amazed.


Spring has officially arrived in London!

A photo posted by The Abroad Guide (@theabroadguide) on

Everywhere you go in London, at any time, there’s always something to take a picture of. It does help that you’re surrounded by some of the most famous landmarks in the world too!


Reindeer in covent garden #studyabroadlondon #london #adventures #reindeer #christmas #christmasinlondon

A photo posted by Jackie Bright (@lifefullofsunshine) on

A reindeer, yes, a reindeer. In the centre of London. Nothing like being a little bit different. Maybe you could find out for yourself why this reindeer is in London?


Welcome to London Town

A photo posted by { @$h£€¥ } (@ashley_seruya) on

How nice would it be to have this on your doorstep? Or if you’re a runner, to have this on your route every day? There’s no denying that London is a beautiful place.


#londoncalling #studyabroadlondon #bejealous

A photo posted by IFSA-Butler Abroad (@ifsabutler) on

It’s hard to get bored of seeing traditional London landmark photos. What would be better though is to see these breath-taking sights in person and take your own photos for Instagram, etc.

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