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5 fantastic reasons to get your Master's Degree in the UK

Posted by The ATP Advisors on Sep 7, 2015 10:34:00 PM

Preparing to study a Master's in the UK

A big question, which should be considered during your initial search, is why study in the UK? UK schools are not only cheaper, but Master's degrees in the UK also take less time to complete than US programs. You will also gain an internationally renowned degree that will help to open up doorways to many new opportunities.

1 - Less time and more intensive programs

Most UK Master degrees only take one year to complete, which means the work is condensed into a more intensive and comprehensive course load. The undergraduate degrees in England and Wales take only 3 years, compared to 4 years in the US. Because of this, undergraduates are not subject to liberal arts or general education courses, as they are focused entirely on their subject of study.

2 - Cheaper tuition costs

Shorter study time equals lower tuition costs. With programs taking less time to complete, you will not have to pay the hefty fees that come with long multiple year programs. In attending a UK institution, you will end up spending less money on tuition than expected at a home university. You also save on living costs with shorter degrees for the same reasons and are able to start returning on your investment that much sooner.

3 - Recognized institutions

All of Across the Pond’s partner universities are recognized as higher education providers by the US Department of Education, meaning they are registered by the US as international institutions of higher learning. As the UK is known for schools with high academic standards and esteemed notoriety, earning a degree from an accredited UK university allows for a prestigious reputation recognized internationally.

4 - Boosts your employability

Employers seek applicants who are flexible and show an aptitude for independance and leadership. Having an international degree helps to show potential employers that you took the initiative to live and study abroad, giving you international experience that is highly valued in the work place. Students who study abroad have a higher chance of finding employment, with a study showing that study abroad graduates out earned their peers with a higher starting salary.

5 - International recognition

Not only will you be able to earn an internationally recognized degree that increases your employability, but studying in the UK opens up a world of possibilty for you. You will have access to new people, places, and experiences that will help you grow as a person and teach you new things about the world around you. You will be able to gain new adventures that would have not before been open to you. 

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