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Across The Pond Alumni: David's UK study adventure

Posted by David Hutchins on Aug 12, 2016 3:29:04 PM

 ATP Student Alumni, David Hutchins

Choosing to Study in the UK

It was a long-term goal of mine to spend a year abroad in Europe, and what better way to do that then studying in the United Kingdom? My year at Durham University has surpassed every expectation that I had.

This year I have made friends from across the globe and achieved a Master’s degree from one of the best universities in the world. Something I never thought I would do. I can say without a doubt that choosing to study abroad in the UK was the best decision I could have made, both for my future and for the friends and memories I have made.

What Happens Next?

After studying at Durham University, I feel that I have prepared myself well for whatever the future has in store for me. Although I will return home to be with family after graduation, I plan to return to Europe for employment in the near future.

Making the Transition

Traveling far from home to study can seem a bit frightening, especially when you’re traveling to a different continent. I’ve found the transition to the UK to be quite easy, however. My neighbours and classmates have become like family to me and now I view Durham as my home away from home.

I believe that traveling abroad truly makes you a more mature person which, coupled with your degree, will make you more marketable to potential employers.

Why Study in the UK?

Apart from moving to a new place with a unique culture and way of life, living in the UK puts you at the doorstep to the rest of Europe, offering a huge potential to travel and see amazing new places without spending tons of money. In my year abroad I was able to visit 19 different countries in Europe.

My Advice

If you’re thinking about studying abroad in the UK, the best advice I can give you is to listen to that gut feeling that is telling you to do something exceptional. Studying in the UK has been a life changing experience for me and I don’t doubt that it will be the same for you.

If you do decide to study in the UK, my next advice is to make the most of your time while you’re here. If you’re like me, you will only have one year. So get involved and take part in something you are passionate about. Regardless of your university of choice, there is something for everyone so don’t miss out on any opportunities to make you time abroad exceptional.

Why Across The Pond?

If you plan to study abroad in the UK, please contact one of our Advisors. Across The Pond made my application process easy and stress free. My Advisor was beyond helpful and I can’t imagine going through the process without her.

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