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Study Across The Pond Canada Blog | Advice and guidance for Canadians wanting to study in Britain

Christmas in Edinburgh

There is no place like home

Tips on preparing your application

Celebrating Bonfire Night in Glasgow

Day trips to inverness

Studying education in the UK

5 Spooky Places to visit in the UK

Moving to London

Celebrating Thanksgiving while in the uk

Goodbye Canada Hello United Kingdom

First days in Edinburgh

First days At Strathclyde

A year in the life of a UK master’s student

6 Things You Should Know Before Studying in Britain

Working in the UK

Surviving Your Dissertation

5 reasons You Should Study in England

Ways to make the most of the UK on a budget

Best Day Trips in Northeast Scotland

Learn to Speak British English Before Moving to the UK

Preparing for exams

Best day trips near London

Top 7 best castles and Estates In Britain

Life outside of studying

London Eats

Maintaining a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet in the UK

5 reasons You Should Study in Wales

Things To do in your spare time in the UK

How To Make The Most Of Your Advisor During Your Visa Application

"Oh So British" Charity Shops, Afternoon Tea & Eclectic Shopping Markets

Grocery shopping in the UK

Working Part-Time in the UK

Student housing in London

Fashion in London

Travelling Abroad While Abroad

Befriending Other International Students

4 Tips for Making Friends in the UK

Quirky Study Spots in London You Have to Visit

Befriending Students from the UK

The Christmas Season in England

Why You Should Consider Studying Outside of London

Celebrating Christmas in Scotland

Bringing the Figgy Pudding: The Christmas Season in London

Reasons to Study in Northern Ireland

Learn British English

Grading in the UK

5 Reasons You Should Study in Scotland

Why I chose to study in the UK - Josie

Why I chose to study in the UK

How to travel during your studies

Studying Public Health in the UK

Studying Communications in the UK

Halloween in the UK

Why I Chose to Study Law in the UK- Loleini

Why I Chose to Study in the UK

My First Days in the UK: Adjusting to Scotland

My First Days in the UK: Adjusting to Uni

My First Days in the UK:  Enjoying FresheR's Week

My First Days in the UK: Deciding, Arriving, and Thriving

Student Travel Tips While Studying Abroad

Make the Most of Your University Papers and Presentations

Pre-departure Check-List for Studying in the UK

3 Things it’s OK to Buy once You’re in the UK

5 Adjustments to Make When Moving Back Home After Studying Abroad in the UK

Tips to Keep Holidays Cheap While Studying Abroad in the UK

5 Things I could get used to SINCE STUDYING ABROAD in Leeds

5 Best Choices I’ve Made Since Moving to Study Abroad

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned Studying in the UK

Ethical Clothes Shopping on a Student Budget

Top 4 Places to Visit Outside of London As a Student Studying in Britain

Important FAQs for UK Study

6 Reasons to Find a Job While Studying Abroad In The UK

You Say 'Tomato' and I Say 'TomAto': Just How Different is Studying in the UK?

Make the Most of Your Easter Break

Staying Fit and Healthy While Studying Abroad

Cornwall: One of the Top Places to Visit in the UK

London's Finest Coffee Shops For Studying

LGBTQ+ Diversity and Choosing Your UK University

Grocery Shopping on a Student Budget

How To Zip Across Europe Cheaply While Studying In The UK

University Grading in the UK

5 Reasons Why a Canadian Should Study Their Degree In The UK

The UK Healthcare System For Canadian Students

How to watch TV without a TV As A Budgeting Student

Top Tips To Study Abroad In The UK Safely

Opportunities To Travel While Studying In The UK

How To Find Part-Time Work While Studying in the UK

How A UK Degree Can Boost Canadian Students’ Career Opportunities

How To Deal With The Reaction Of Friends And Family When Choosing To Study Abroad

Why It’s Important to Befriend Other International Students

Things To Do In Your Spare Time While Studying In The UK

New Year As An American Student Studying In The UK

Christmas Time While Studying In London

An international Student’s Christmas in London

Tips to Choosing a UK Degree and University

Football Or Soccer? A Student's Guide.

Great Theater on a Student Budget

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Whilst Studying In The UK

Off-Campus Living in the UK For International Students

The Awkward Study Abroad Adjustment Period

Tips to Handle Homesickness Whilst Studying Abroad

Top 3 Lawyers Who Have A UK Law Degree

5 Pieces Of Advice From Canadian Students Studying In The UK

How To Choose The Right UK University For Your Law Degree

Halloween: How The Brits Do It

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Staying connected to home while in the UK

Samantha’s Fresher Experience as a Graduate Student

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3 ways to find the best UK university for your degree

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