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Movie/TV locations to Visit in the UK

Posted by Debra Register, ATP Student Ambassador on Jun 19, 2018 3:00:00 PM

When I think about England I can’t help but think about the history that spans thousands of years and is often touching, often brutal, often awe-inspiring and always fascinating and captivating. Now with such an extraordinary history come stunning architecture, natural beauty and man-made wonders and with Britain having so much to boast about, it is no wonder Hollywood always comes calling! Hollywood, British and European entertainment companies have been inspired to film in the UK's beautiful, worldly and magical locations. Visitors can’t help but want to experience these locations for ourselves when we come to the UK.

Sherlock and The White Cliffs of Dover - Throughout the British Iles movie and TV sites can be found and in the county of Kent where the University of Kent resides (and where I am now an alumni) we find the stunning white Cliffs of Dover where in the movie Sherlock Holmes-A Game of Shadows Robert Downy, Jr. and Jude Law can be seen departing the British shores in pursuit of their nemesis, Moriarty and France. Kent, with it’s indisputable natural beauty has been host to many a film shoot and you can track them down through Kent Movie Map-Live site.


Castles of Downton Abbey - If you are a fan of British TV drama, namely the beloved Downton Abbey you’re in luck because from London you can enjoy a full-day tour of many of the sites where the charters loved, lost, schemed and died. Experience the beauty of grand residences and stunning landscapes and relive your favorite moments.


Harry Potter Studio Tour - One of the most adored literary, turned film characters for both young and old is Harry Potter and the number of sites that span across almost all of the Britain would be too many to list here or even visit in just one walking/bus tour but thanks to Warner Bros. Studio in Watford, outside London, you can experience the magic and marvel at the creativity that went into every scene in a manageable afternoon. You’ll hear fun anecdotes that will surprise and delight you, see sets and costumes and a wide array of props. You’ll also hear some of the never heard secretes of how they brought this mystical world to life.


Notting Hill - I love a good Romantic Comedy and you can visit Notting Hill’s Portobello Road to immerse yourself in the world Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts inhabited as their characters Will and Ana in the aptly named film, Notting Hill. I think many of us remember Brigit Jones and that quirky apartment building of hers well that it turns out is near Borough Market next to the Globe pub on Bedale Street and well worth a visit not only to peer up at her apartment window but also to enjoy the food stalls and unique shops at the open-air market.


Bond, James Bond - For lovers of 007 like myself a cruise down the Thames will afford you a great view of the MI6 building in Vauxhall Cross. Actually many sites you’ll pass along the cruise route will spark a memory from some great films and in particular many staring the irrepressible James Bond but this architecturally innovative building is in fact the real headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service and seen in the following bond films. GoldenEye (1995), The World Is Not Enough (1999), Die Another Day (2002), SkyFall(2012) and SPECTRE (2015).


Other London Locations - There is a never ending array of film locations throughout London alone and here are two articles that will help you discover the most iconic and lesser known places your favorite once spent time making cinematic history

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