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3 Easy Steps To Studying Abroad This Fall Term

Posted by Nadia Ibrahim-Taney on Feb 1, 2017 4:00:00 PM

Applying for a short term Fall study abroad program is easy, just follow our steps and you’ll have your admission decision back before the 4th of July!

Applying for a short term Fall study abroad program is easy, just follow our steps and you’ll have your admission decision back before the 4th of July! Sound exciting? Keep reading and no doubt you’ll be even more excited by the end of our blog post!

1. Summer planning

Spend the summer thinking about what kind of experience you want from a Fall term abroad – what exactly do you want to get out of your time in the UK. For example, would you rather spend the autumn in a bustling major city or in the countryside exploring the changing seasonal landscapes?

Either way, once you think you know what you’re looking for, speak with your Across The Pond Advisor, and they will be able to tell you which universities match your desired location, community vibe and local activities and opportunities. All of this will help to find you your perfect university and UK location!

2. Transcripts and recommendations

With continued guidance from your Across The Pond Advisor, you will put together your application and apply to your chosen university! Yes, it sounds simple, and it really is that easy with our help.

Over the summer months, you will request your academic transcript from your home institution, write your personal statement and solicit letters of recommendation from faculty. You should be able to do all this within a few days, but the summer can get busy for faculty and universities, so you should ask for transcripts and recommendations early if you’re wanting to study abroad this Fall! Remember, we’re always on hand to help you.

3. Waiting, the hard part

Your application is in and now, all that you can do is wait.

Waiting for your admission decision can be tough, but it’s the start of your journey! The wait will also give you time to get a part time job over the summer, so that you can start saving for your Fall term abroad.

You could also start making your bucket list of top places to go and things that you really want to do while you’re in the UK, download our Study Abroad Bucket List: 50 UK Experiences eBook for some inspiration! Make good use of your time but allow for a few afternoons of rest and relaxation, after all, it is the summer and you will have a busy Fall abroad.

Ready to start your fall study abroad journey?

Great news! It’s time to start putting together your application! Applying for the short term Fall Study Abroad program couldn’t be simpler, just get in touch with one of our Across The Pond Advisors today and they will assist you with all aspects of your application.

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