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Halloween: How The Brits Do It

Posted by Ashley Hackworth, ATP Student Ambassador on Oct 1, 2017 7:00:00 PM

Halloween at universityHalloween! That time of year when you can dress up as whoever you want to be for one night and take part in fun family and social activities. Halloween is one of the season’s epic American traditions, and it’s now spreading across the world. At home, many of us start planning our costumes the day after Halloween ends each year. We spend countless hours on our outfits for a whole week of Halloween celebrations.

Although this is the usual tradition in North America it’s not something everyone follows. In the UK, Halloween costumes are usually based on the parties’ themes, but you might have to think outside the box when looking for an outfit - there are not as many costume shops, and costume preparations are usually quite last minute. It also turns out that if you are over the age of sixteen, trick or treating in the UK is frowned upon, crazy right?!

The day before Halloween, the streets are filled with people in fancy dress. Pubs and clubs have themed nights such as, “the purge” or “fright night”, house parties are packed, and the one costume store in my university town is full of people looking for last minute ideas.

The first party I attended was on the top floor of a local bar, decorated with cob webs, candy, and spiders.  We received free champagne and enjoyed dancing to some great music. I also attended a student residence party; with free pizza and drinks, which is always a seller when you’re on a student budget! At the end of the party I strolled into the city, chatting to other students wearing great costumes. At the end of the night, I went home and spent the rest of the time watching the best horror flicks. Although, it was a quiet night and not quite as lively as the parties in North America, it was still great fun. If you’re looking for a Halloween event check out the app Skiddle. It gives you everything from parties to haunted ghost tours.

If you want to experience Halloween in the UK, why not contact the Across The Pond Advisors to make it a reality; it will definitely be worth it!

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