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Three reasons why Edinburgh Napier has the best Film Master’s Degree

Posted by The ATP Advisors on Apr 20, 2016 8:53:29 AM

Filming Master's, Radim Letovsky

Edinburgh Napier University is an ambitious, innovative and inclusive university based in the vibrant and prospering capital of Scotland in the UK. You may be surprised to hear that the university has an acclaimed Film Master’s degree which is open to students from the USA, who can take the 12-month course starting every September.

But what makes the Film Master’s such a well-respected and successful degree? Here’s three reasons that prove is it one of the best...

1 - Focus on a specialism

Some Master’s degrees at home and around the world may force you to study a breadth of knowledge, rather than just the topic you wish to study. Thankfully at Edinburgh Napier, their Film Master’s degree is split 50/50 – half of your time will be spent acquiring general film making skills, while the other half of your time can be spent focusing on your chosen discipline.

After finishing the 12-month degree, you will have both a rounded understanding of the industry, but still have the necessary skills to take the first steps in your film career.

2 - Collaboration with peers and the industry

Edinburgh is home to one of only three film academies in the UK accredited by Skillset, the Screen Academy Scotland, which has given the university and graduates significant credibility in the industry already.

As an Edinburgh Napier University student, you will have access to the film-making hub and the 200+ specialist students that are engaging in diverse film activities. This partnership also gives you access to post-production equipment such as Arri Alexa, HDCam, Super 16mm and Final Cut Pro, and supportive tutors who also have experience in the industry.

Also, all students on the Master’s degree get a heavily discounted rate on tickets for the Edinburgh Film Festival every June – providing inspiration and a chance to rub shoulders with potential employers.

3 - Successful alumni

Previous graduates of the Edinburgh Napier Film Master’s degree have had their films screened at festivals in cities around the world, including Venice, Beijing, Kolkata and Edinburgh. Many have gone on to win awards and commissions for TV and feature film projects too.

On completion of this course, graduates are expected to be in a position to take up an entry level job in the industry, whether that is as an assistant in camera, production, direction or sound. For those outstanding students, the Master’s degree course should give them the platform to set up as an independent practitioner as either a director, producer, cinematographer, editor or sound design.

Finding out more

The film industry is very competitive, and opportunities are limited, but, with this Master’s degree, you can maximise your chances of success. By growing your specialist knowledge, collaborating with like-minded students, and learning at a place that has been the birth of new industry talent, Edinburgh Napier University can help you take control of your career and help you on the first steps towards your dream job.

To find out more about the Master’s degree, including costs, availability and more degree information, request your interest with the Across The Pond Advisors today.

Interested in Edinburgh Napier find out about their programs by speaking to Across the Pond today

Photo Credit: Screen Academy Scotland


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