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Four considerations when deciding which UK university you should study your English degree

Posted by The ATP Advisors on Nov 30, 2016 1:53:27 PM


You enjoy reading literature as much as you love writing prose, and a career spent working with words sounds quite idyllic, but, you’re unsure which path to take next?

Don’t worry. Every year Across The Pond helps hundreds of students just like you find the perfect course and university to help you achieve your goal and enjoy a fantastic study abroad experience at the same time! In this blog we will help signpost some of the key things you’ll want to consider when you’re looking to study an English degree in the UK.

Should you pursue world-class English research?

When it comes to world-class English research, it should come as no surprise to hear the UK has some of the world’s leading institutions. A career spent studying English can set you on course for a career in a variety of fields. Choose a university leading the way in English research and you will afford yourself an even better start to your chosen career path.

The University of York, named as the UK’s best English research institution in 2014, provides an outstanding academic experience for anyone studying English. The University divides its research into four main schools: Medieval, Renaissance, Eighteenth Century/Romantics and Modern.

You can learn more about the University of York’s current English research on their website.

Get international perspectives on English literature

The United Kingdom’s reputation as a global leader in education means it attracts a range of students, researchers and academics from across the globe. By studying at a UK university, you will find yourself exposed to a global perspective on topics that you won’t find elsewhere.

The University of Strathclyde, situated in the heart of Glasgow, prides itself on its international partnerships with universities in the United States and Canada. Studying English here provides learning experiences far beyond Shakespeare and into the great pieces of national literature from Scotland and Canada in particular.

Do you wish to embark on a career in journalism?

Journalism is one of the most commonly pursued careers for those studying English. It allows you to continue to apply those research skills you learnt in academia while providing a platform for telling stories that grip the imagination of your readers.

Getting the first step on the journalism career ladder can be challenging. The industry has a reputation for being closed off to outsiders and requiring months of unpaid internships to get a foot in the door with reputable media outlets.

Studying journalism at City University, located in the heart of London, is a great way to jump the queue and get hands-on journalism experience. Having recently had a £12m renovation - including the installation of a TV studio, four radio studios and six different newsrooms – the university’s Department of Journalism is regarded as one of the UK’s leading environments for the study and practice of journalism.

Study in a city renowned for its culture

The study of English is intrinsically linked to our history and our culture so where better to study the subject than a city with both a rich history and vibrant culture? Liverpool, situated in the north-west of England, is a city so steeped in culture that in 2008 it was chosen by the nation to host the European Capital of Culture.

The University of Liverpool has an outstanding reputation for achieving successful learning outcomes with over 90% of undergraduate students achieving a first class or 2:1 degree from the English Department.

In 2006 the University embarked up the project to research and document the private book collection of The Right Honorable William Ewart Gladstone, four times Prime Minister and one of the most significant political figures of Victorian Britain. The project alone has seen the Gladstone Library develop into cultural institution of national importance and further cemented Liverpool’s legacy as a city culture and that’s without even mentioning The Beatles!

How to apply to UK universities

To find out how you can study English in the UK, speak to one of our advisors today. All of our advisors have studied in the UK, many of them studied English graduate degrees, so they have first-hand experience of the process you wish to begin. Our service is completely free, and we provide personalised support and guidance at every step of the application process.


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