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Studying in England is a fantastic opportunity. The education here is top notch, and the region has such a rich history. ...

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How is Across the Pond able to offer a free guidance and advice service?

Across the Pond can offer this unique free service because our funding is provided from the British universities that have appointed us to represent them in the USA. This means we can offer students a choice in terms of programs, institutions and geographical locations in the UK.

Do Across the Pond guarantee entry to their British partner universities?

No we cannot. All final decisions are made by the admissions team at each university and decisions are based on your own academic qualifications, standardized test results, personal statement and reference, and in some cases, a portfolio of work or audition tape. However we believe that by using our service you will increase your chances of acceptance, because we make sure that you are applying to universities that match your subject preferences and academic ability.Through our expertise and knowledge of the UK admissions process and criteria, we help you ensure that your application presents you in the best possible light to maximize your chances of acceptance.

Can I bring US student loans with me when studying in the UK?

Yes. All of Across the Pond’s partner universities in the UK accept Stafford loans.

Do I need a visa to study in the UK?

Yes. As a North American student in Britain, you do need a visa. Our Advisors will help you apply for an 'entry clearance' (visa) in time for your studies.

Are the entry requirements to study with British universities the same?

No. All of our partner universities vary and so it is best to check with an Across the Pond Advisor for the exact requirements needed. Department entry grades vary within the universities and can be higher than the minimum requirements of a university.

Can I work during my studies in the UK?

You can work for up to 20 hours a week while you study in the UK. A typical wage is between $10 and $12 an hour. For more information, visit the Home Office website. Across the Pond’s British partner universities each have a careers service to help students find an appropriate job either on campus or in the local community. They will provide a wide range of help including: - Access to job adverts - Guidance with writing CVs and job applications - Support on preparing for job interviews - Information about working in the UK.