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Living in London was everything I’d hoped it would be

Why Did you choose Roehampton specifically?I chose Roehampton because of the stellar reputation of its faculty in the Department of Dance, who are all leading scholars of dance studies. I wanted to continue my study of dance history with specialists...

Name: Emily Hawk
Course: MA Dance Philosophy and History
University: University of Roehampton
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Loughborough is really diverse

Leaving home and travelling across the Atlantic to come and study in the UK I wanted to make sure I was choosing the best place possible to study. I spent 4 months researching the rankings of the course and university as well as the location in...

Name: Tara Bailey
Course: MSc Exercise Physiology
University: Loughborough University
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Made my plan to move to London totally realistic

Across The Pond made my plan to move to London totally realistic. With the help from my advisor, every application step, some of which were stressful and tedious, very easy! I couldn't be more relieved that I stumbled to the Across The Pond website...

Name: Jena Hatch
University: Kingston University London
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Master's degree in one year

How I heard about LoughboroughI played basketball at college and heard through friends that the eligibility rules were different in the UK, so I could continue playing basketball whilst studying for my Master's. We happened to have a coach come over...

Name: Kelsey Cuddy
University: Loughborough University
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Much cheaper!

With the first year of university at the University of Chester now completed, I have to say that Across the Pond played a crucial role in helping me get into university in the UK. With Across the Pond, you get very individualized help with every...

Name: Holden Koepke Romero
University: University of Chester
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Much more reasonable than expected

I am an international student studying Zoology, which is in the department of Life Sciences at Whitelands College, a ten-minute walk from main campus. The program explores various aspects of the animal kingdom, from cell biology and evolution to...

Name: Brooklynn Slone
Course: Zoology
University: University of Roehampton
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My advisor took me step-by-step through the process

My friends and family must have thought I was bonkers when I told them I wanted to attend graduate school in the UK. I questioned my sanity a bit myself. Once I'd made the decision, I wasn't quite sure where to begin. One of the universities I...

Name: Aimee Keithan
University: University of York
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My advisor was so helpful from start to finish

Deciding on going back to school in my 40s was difficult but once I found Across the Pond I was able to get the clear answers to questions that were holding me back and also an incredible resource for US student loans.I was so impressed with the...

Name: Debra Register
University: University of Kent
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My international experience will enhance my employability

I chose the University of Exeter for a number of reasons: reputation, resources, size, and location. I was really interested to earn a master’s degree relating to business management with some type of international component, but personally, was not...

Name: Clairre C. Abeyratne
Course: MSc International Management
University: University of Exeter
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My master's degree has been better than some vacations!

I would have found it impossible to have found my graduate programme without Across The Pond. I was given a full detailed list organized by course, geographic location, and even by reputation. It was so organized and had someone to answer every...

Name: Dylan White
Course: MSc International Marketing
University: Edinburgh Napier University
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