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If you’re a non-UK or EU student interested in studying in the UK for six months or more, you will need a Tier 4 Student Visa in order to enter the country.

This is a notoriously daunting process that requires attention to detail, a surface understanding of legal terminology, determination, and patience. The visa application should not be approached carelessly or casually. In essence, by submitting a visa application, you are asking another country to “let you in” for an extended period of time for a specific reason and proving you will not be a drain on, or a threat to, their economy and citizens. One misstep could result in delay, added fees, refusal, or rejection.  

Feeling a bit Intimidated? We don’t blame you! The visa application is a serious matter, which is why Across the Pond takes it so seriously as well.

How can Across the Pond help you?

Across the Pond offers students a free service in their pursuit of education in the UK. From identifying students’ best university matches to helping them write their personal statement to walking them step-by-step through the visa application, we are there for you every step of the way.

It is important that students approach the visa application totally equipped for the process. This means that, even though students are not able to apply for their visa until 90 days before classes begin, we start preparing students months in advance.  

How? We provide students with a pre-visa checklist of sorts, which pushes them to ensure they have the following items lined up as much in advance as possible:

  • A valid passport
  • Enough funds in the bank, or secured through loans, to cover tuition and living expenses
  • An understanding of the CAS, NHS fee, the biometrics appointment, and the importance of the BRP
  • A second pair of eyes to help them avoid mistakes
  • Somewhere to go in case of emergencies

Across the Pond advisors, trained by UKCISA itself, have helped thousands of students successfully navigate the visa application through a variety of mediums – guidelines, visa checklists, webinars, Skype chats, phone calls, and emails.  During visa season, we make sure we are readily available, even outside of working hours, because we know a visa crisis can arise at any moment. Visa processing times may vary, the student visa fee may go up, and governments may change their requirements, but Across the Pond’s free assistance remains consistently quick, helpful, and ever with the student in mind.

Here is what a few past students have told us about our visa assistance:

“The visa process was very complicated.  When the US government changed loan interest rates, it delayed everything, and that was very stressful. I only found out that I was going to study in England one month before I left, but Across the Pond could not have been more helpful in navigating the process.  My advisor told me what to anticipate and when, and I had no problems with communication. If students had any money, I would advise you to charge for the service because it was highly valuable, but alas, since it’s free, it’s well worth the price!”

“My advisor was terrific. Without her guidance, my wife and I would have had a frustrating UK Visa experience. But our advisor walked us through each step of the process, making it painless. We wish we were able to send her a huge bonus check!”

“I can't stress how helpful the visa assistance was. I have met several people who have been denied visas or had to pay for another application due to errors, but Across the Pond made the application process easy and stress-free.”

We are waiting to help you! Don’t let the visa keep you from pursuing your goal of studying in the UK. Contact one of our UK Study Experts and start your next academic adventure today.


Note: In most cases we cannot provide visa assistance for universities not listed as partners on our website.

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